School fete and village fete pony rides

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School & Village Fetes Pony Rides

Here at Suffolk Pony Parties & Events we can provide pony rides at your school or village fete. We can also provide pony rides for corporate and other public events. We currently have 2 options available for public and corporate events

Pony rides at fetes or events

pony rides for school fetes suffolkOption 1 – Pay per ride

£50.00 deposit to be paid on booking, to Suffolk Pony Parties & Events will then charge a set amount per ride and donate a percentage per ride back to the event, normally 25%. For example, from a £4.00 pony ride £1 will be given back to the event.  On some events we may also offer a second ride discount, normally we would not offer a percentage return on this.


Option 2 – Pay per hour

£50.00 deposit to be paid on booking, then a set hourly fee would be payable to Suffolk Pony Parties & Events. The event organisers can then dictate any fee per ride they wish to charge. With this option event organisers would be required to provide a member of staff to handle any monies if applicable. – Please contact us for a price for your event.


Both of the above options include at least 2 ponies, 2 members of staff and also a to Suffolk Pony Parties & Events keepsake for each person who has ridden. Please note on further destination mileage charges may apply.

Insurance & licencing for pubic pony events

Suffolk Pony Parties & Events are licensed with the local council and hold public liability insurance which covers all events. We can not stress enough how important both of these are when looking for companies to attend your event. Copies of documentation are available to all booked event organisers on request.


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Please contact us for further details or if you would like us to attend your fete or event.